Old Shed at Main Wharf

Hindsight is such an unpleasant definition full of negative connotations in the English language.

We nearly always regret a situation that happened without being thought through and has NOW become a sad reality.

I heard on the grapevine that the powers to be are thinking to move the content of the Mallacoota Information Shed up the hill to be part of the ‘new’ Shire Offices. Yes, the wonderful paintings that adorn the shed will be moved to the Shire Offices on the main street.

Economically this looks okay.

But what about the change and impact to our unique townscape; the vanishing rural, remote, whimsical, easy going feeling that seems so be something we love and treasure. The Shed will be gone.

I know, we cannot recreate the fishing history of the Main Wharf, as it was before, with ramshackled sheds used to keep fishing nets by the Casenment fishermen. Or the rail track from the Wharf to the fish freezer, as used in bygone days. Or of the local cows marauding campers in the Shire Caravan Park.

All gone.

At the moment we might still treasure the Information Shed as part of a little fishing village on the end of the world. Quaint and loveable, home to Mallacootians.

The town is improving all the time, has better facilities, cleaner streets and sidewalks.

Leave a little of the old as is, please.

Also leave the paintings on the Shed where they belong, right on the Main Wharf; as a feeling of it being a realistic story of the history of Mallacoota. Keep this Shed, these paintings near the water, please. It simply belongs there.

We soon will have the super modern, ultra smooth All Weather Ocean Access Ramp. It can’t be stopped.

BUT the little wooden Information Shed on the Main Wharf, with its friendly information volunteers and paintings needs to stay!!!

I believe that the Harbour Authorities intend to demolish the Shed if there is no further purpose for its existence.

The Shed could be such a counter point to keep Mallacoota from being sanitised beyond recognition. A touchstone for the people, local and guests, that come here because it is special, unhurried and picturesque, a refuse from modernity.

Margaret and Peter Kurz