Shimmering water, mountains,
Distant trees of green.
Clouds are lifting
Early morning dreams.

As if time stands still
The lake of ‘glass’
‘Reflects’ the clouds of white
As they slowly pass.

Mountains shed their veil of cloud,
As bird Is begin to sing.
High above an Eagle soars
Surveying everything.

Parrot’s, colours beautiful to see
Are flying right in front of me.
Tiny Finches, colours bright and Honeyeaters,
to delight the eye.

Seagulls, Pelicans and Ducks
Fly high above the Mudbrick Flats.
As I look out across the lake
The Parrot’s call out to their-mates.

I hear a Whipbird call out loud
And Bellbirds ‘tinkle’ all around.
This place is ‘heaven’ – like a dream,
As peaceful as a gentle stream.

Written by Joy Molin of Wonthaggi.