Pets at the Adobe Flats

Many people take their dogs on holidays, and more would do so if there were more hotel managers like the following. He sent this reply to would-be residents who ask if they can bring the dog:

"I have never had a dog in my hotel that burnt the sheets whilst smoking in bed. Neither has a dog taken away ashtrays or knives as souvenirs. Also there has been no report of dogs using the face towels to clean their shoes or trying to kiss the maids. I have never received a complaint from a dog about the service or food. In short, I have no objections against dogs at all; they are very welcome at my hotel, and if your dog will vouch for you, dear sir or madam, you too will be made most welcome."

We would like to reiterate that your well-behaved pet is welcome.

I truly love animals. We have very many wild native birds, with up to 5 varieties of parrots and lorikeets alone – feeding and living here. All of these are trusting, because they are well treated. Even little children (boys?!) don’t chase them, after a patient explanation that these creatures are tame BECAUSE they are not chased but made welcome.

Your pet would, just by going to their feeding-stations, make a whole block of birds (for instance galahs) take off in fright – and of course your cat would think it is Pussy Heaven. Paradise would be shattered.

We therefore extend our hospitality totally inside your holiday home. Do as you wish with your pet (just clean up after). Outside, dogs must be on a leash. There is also room where he or she can be tied up comfortably.

Our experience is that Koalas, Possums, Lyrebirds and other native creatures are reluctant to return to a place where dogs have startled them. Dogs need to be on a leash, I emphasise, a short, not an extendable leash.

There are also long glorious beaches for your dog to run on and enjoy the holiday with you. Quarry Beach is the ideal spot as it is a large sandy beach and not too heavily frequented by other beach users. It is also the unspoken dog friendly beach for Mallacoota.

There are ticks in Mallacoota and we encourage you to investigate protection before you are leaving home and familiarise yourself on how to check your dog daily.

Dogs NSW has some relevant information for prevention as well as regularly checking.

Cats, unfortunately must be kept indoors at all times, or come out on a lead. No taboos, of course, about dreaming on the window about delicious Wonga Pigeon or King Parrot pie!

There are excellent kennels at Genoa, on the way up here. Mallacoota locals take their pets there, and apparently the dogs go willingly, even after a few visits! That way you can travel up with your friend and pick him/her up on the way home, without having to go out of your way.

They are the Genoa Boarding Kennels, telephone (03) 5158 8278

Dogs are not permitted in National Parks. For more information where you can take your dog follow a link below

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