Mallacoota offers...

Enjoyable things to do in and around Mallacoota setting off from the town centre.

From the Roundabout -

  1. Captains Point Drive - drive down past the Hotel towards the Foreshore Camp Park. Turn right along Allan Drive to Captain's Point. You will pass the communal Church on the right, the big indoor Sports Hall and the Kindergarten. Take the first turn left to Captain's Point Lookout. This is the spot where an Australian Author, E.J. Brady, set up camp in 1909. His friend, Henry Lawson, often visited him here. This is marked by a plaque. Further on across the Point you will see a Memorial Cairn in honour of Captain Stevenson, the first white settler in the area.
  2. Bastion Point - Betka Beach Drive -drive down Betka Road. Take the third turn along Bastion Point Road to Bastion Point where there is a newly-constructed viewing platform with outstanding views of the Howe Range (this is part of the NSW border), Gabo Island and the Entrance. Park car either on top of the cliff or on the beach. Explore the rock pools and watch the surfers. From Bastion Point you can go to the right, around the rocks onto a long stretch of beach that goes to Davis Creek, the Big Sand Dune and Betka Beach. Along the Bastion Point Road you may turn off to the Golf and Bowling Club.
  3. Quarry Beach Drive- drive down Betka Road, do not turn off. You will come to the Betka Bridge and continuing on you will find on your left a beach where the river enters the ocean, this is called Betka Beach. Continue along the Betka Road past the aerodrome house on your right. The road turns to the right and down a slope there is a turn off to the left. Go down this short track and park on the beach. Walk to the left and inspect the colourful fold (strata) rocks. This is called Quarry Beach.
  4. On the cleared land near the aerodrome house, kangaroos can often be seen in the evenings and also at the back of the aerodrome in the Gun Club area. The vegetation from Davis Creek to the Betka River and on to the aerodrome is a classic example of coastal vegetation, which is stunted due to prevailing winds. Abundant wildflowers in season.

  5. Karbeethong and the Narrows Drive - drive to Lakeside Drive, follow around Shady Gully, take first turn left up the hill on Mirrabooka Road. Follow this road to South Gateway and Martin Street - panoramic views of the Bottom Lake, Howe Range, Gabo Island and Lighthouse. Follow Martin Street down to Lakeside Drive, turn left along the lake, follow road to Buckland's Jetty where you can park your car and perhaps take a short walk along the track, which takes you along the Narrows (a stretch of water joining the Top and Bottom Lake system). Return to the spot where the three roads meet, take middle road and continuing to the top you will see scenic views of the bottom Lake, Howe Range and Gabo Island. Continue on this road which joins the Genoa Road about 3 km from town - this is an alternative route from Mallacoota township.

  7. Shady Gully Walk - walk to Fairhaven Avenue towards Lakeside Drive. Turn up Bruce Street, walk to the top of street where you will find a walking track leading down through the reserve to Shady Gully (about ½ km). From Shady Gully walk back to the township past the old power station - first subscriber was connected in 1959 and the SEC took the service over in 1972. This area is well known for its variety of birds.
  8. Mallacoota Gum Walk - walk or drive to the back of Foodtown Grocery Shop. You will find the Sports Ground with the Mud Brick Pavilion and the rare Mallacoota Gum, an unusual hybrid, there are only 39 of these trees in the world, all in the immediate area. Seeds from this tree have recently been successfully propagated.