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Adobe Mudbrick Flats, 17-19 Karbeethong Avenue, Mallacoota, PH: 0409 580 329
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Mallacoota is 515 km from Melbourne, 560km from Sydney and 350km from Canberra.

Turn off the Princes Highway at Genoa towards Mallacoota

19 km out of Genoa on your LEFT there is a turn-off marked TOURIST ROAD NO. 7 KARBEETHONG ROAD. Drive along this road for 2.5 km (watch out for Lyrebirds and Possums crossing!!) until you come to an intersection between Karbeethong Avenue and Karbeethong Road, turn into Karbeethong Avenue.

In the same intersection will be an open farm gate on your RIGHT sign-posted ADOBE FLATS. Follow this farm road slowly until you come to a sign 'OFFICE'. Turn LEFT and you have arrived.

If nobody is at the office please go directly to your flat/apartment/house.

Download the driving instructions: Driving Directions Site Map

Below is a site plan

Adobe Site Plan
Coastal Drive

Lakeside & Coastal Drive
Direction: Genoa – Mallacoota – Shipwreck Creek
Distance: 42 km
Suggested Duration: ¾ - full day

Tour Summary: Mountains, lakes and spectacular coastline are the highlights of the Lakeside & coastal tourist drive. From Genoa Peak with its fantastic views of Croajingolong National Park to Shipwreck Creek the drive takes in the best of Victoria’s Wilderness Coast.

Start: Junction of Princes Highway and Mallacoota Road at Genoa. Prior to the drive into Mallacoota Inlet you should start at Genoa Peak 2 km the Melbourne side of Genoa. You will see a sign to Genoa Peak. An access road (9 km) from the highway takes you to a picnic area 1 km from the summit. A walking track will lead you to the peak for fabulous views of Croajingolong National Park and Mallacoota Inlet.

Walking Time: 1½ hours return, moderately steep at the summit. There are three steel ladders to take you to the peak. Keep an eye out for a variety of wildflowers in springtime. Note: the road into Genoa Peak is not suitable for caravans, and becomes boggy after rain. Check with the local Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment.

Within the pristine wilderness of Croajingolong National Park is a UNESCO declared World Biosphere Reserve. The flora includes coastal plains, heathlands, mixed forests and pockets of warm, temperate rainforest. The fauna of the park is also rich and varied with an abundance of wildlife including mammals, marsupials, reptiles, bats and a great variety of birdlife – nearly 300 species, many rare and migratory. Seals, dolphins and whales are often sighted off the coast. From Genoa turn into Mallacoota Rd and travel 8 km to the Gipsy Point turnoff. Turning LEFT at the turnoff you come to the tranquil hamlet of Gipsy Point. There is a boat ramp and the area is popular for fishing, canoeing, bird watching and bush walking.

3 km from the highway is Sandy Point track, which leads to a pretty picnic area with fireplaces and toilets. A walking track goes to Campshot Point 45 mins, 3 km one way and Quambi Point 90 mins, 4 km one way. Moderate grades. Further along on the right you will se the Double Creek Nature Walk. The walk, 30 mins, 1 km round trip starts at the picnic area. Along the loop track you pass through a rainforest gully and beside the dry forested slope covered with old eucalyptus.

Turn LEFT at Karbeethong Road which leads you to the Bottom Lake, formed when the sea level rose drowning the Genoa River Valley. Turn left at Lakeside Drive to come to a boat launching ramp and Buckland'’ Jetty where day boats can be hired.

Turn LEFT at the junction of Lakeside Drive and Mirrabooka Road into Mallacoota. If you turn right (no tourist drive shield) at Mirrabooka Road and follow this road to South Gateway and Martin Street, you’ll discover panoramic views of the Bottom Lake, Howe Range, Gabo Island and Lighthouse.

Turn LEFT at Buckland Drive and Bruce Street, towards the end of Buckland Drive is the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment Information Centre. Call in for up-to-date information on activities, walks and road conditions. The Centre has a number of exhibits and different maps on display.

Turn RIGHT at the corner of Allan Drive and Buckland Drive and RIGHT again at Maurice Avenue and you are in the heart of Mallacoota where boat hire and tours are available. At the roundabout go straight ahead along Betka Road until you come to Bastion Point Road. Turning LEFT at Bastion Point Road leads you to the Golf and Bowls Club and to a viewing platform with panoramic views of the Howe Range, Gabo Island and the Entrance. Favourite activities here are surfing, exploring rock pools and beach walking. Walking around the rocks to the right you’ll come to a long stretch of beach that goes to David Creek, the Big Sand Dune and Betka Beach. Driving further along Betka Road takes you to Betka Beach where there are picnic facilities and a great beach for the kids. Further along is Quarry Beach where you will find colourful folds (strata) rocks. Continue along Betka Road follow Centre Track and turn left into Betka Track.

Take care along these narrow unsealed rods and check with the National Parks Office to see if the roads are open especially in winter. The track can be slippery after rain and is unsuitable for caravans. At Shipwreck Creek there are picnic areas and camp sites (registrations must be made with the National Parks Office). Keep you eyes out for wildlife including the rare ground parrot. Shipwreck Creek is great for paddling but the surf beach is suitable only for experienced swimmers. The drive ends at Shipwreck Creek, which got its name from the 20 or so wrecks that occurred on this wild coast between 1852 – 1930 including the vessels "The Monumental City" and "The Schah".